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Buying a home is one of the most significant investments that you will ever make. Like most good things, finding the perfect home comes with a lot of work. From your initial search online to your home tour and finally closing, there are many difficult decisions to make along the way. The bottom line is that the entire home buying process can be very stressful, especially when it comes to finding the right mortgage broker and loan for your new home. Since market conditions and mortgage programs change frequently, you have a lot riding on your broker's ability to provide quick and accurate financial advice. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or own several residential properties, you need a mortgage broker in Nexton, SC, who can educate you on mortgage rates and provide trustworthy guidance to help you make an informed decision.

My name is Dan Crance - Nexton's most trusted mortgage loan officer with more than 30 years in the mortgage industry. I bring unparalleled insight and decades of experience into your home loan process. If you're looking for a new home loan, are interested in refinancing your current mortgage, or need information regarding FHA, VA, or other types of loans, Dan Crance is Your Mortgage Man.

Unlike some mortgage loan officers in Nexton, my primary goal is to help you make the right mortgage choice for you and your family. Mortgage lenders have a horrible reputation for turning over clients quickly to expedite cash flow and make the most money possible. While some mortgage brokers come off as pushy and impatient, I encourage my clients to take as much time as they need to ask questions and review their mortgage agreements. I'm here to help answer those questions and provide you with easy-to-understand advice so that you can rest easy knowing you made the right choice. I could say that I strive to provide service that exceeds your expectations, but I'd rather show you. In the end, I want you to leave feeling confident in the loan you've selected, as well as in your choice of broker.

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Why Choose Dan Crance As Your Mortgage Lender in Nexton, SC?

Clients choose my mortgage company because I truly care about helping them navigate the often-confusing landscape of the mortgage process. I am fiercely dedicated to my clients and make every effort to provide them with trustworthy advice and an open line of communication.

In my business, I work for two different customers. On one hand, I have the buyer: the person entrusting me with the responsibility of guiding them through one of the most important decisions ever. Serving homebuyers is not a task that I take lightly. I work with them daily to help them through the process and provide timely updates and news on their mortgage status. On the other hand, I have the realtor: the person who works with my client to find their dream home. Since their commission is in my hands, working with realtors is also a very important task. I update these agents on the status of their customers weekly. Only when I take care of both parties can I say my job as a mortgage loan officer is complete.

As a mortgage broker with more than 30 years of experience, I pledge to give you the highest level of customer service while providing you with the most competitive loan products available. That way, you can buy the home of your dreams without second-guessing your decision.

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Home Financing in Nexton, SC

At Classic Home Mortgage, our team works diligently to close on time without stress or hassle. Whether you're a seasoned homeowner or are buying your new home in Nexton, we understand how much stress is involved. Our goal is to help take that stress off of your plate by walking you through every step of the home loan process. Because every one of our clients is different, we examine each loan with fresh eyes and a personalized approach, to find you the options and programs you need.

With over 30 years as a mortgage professional in Nexton, Dan Crance will help you choose the home loan, interest rate, term options, and payment plans that fit your unique situation.

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When you work with Classic Home Mortgage, you can always count on our team to:

  • Put your needs first.
  • Work efficiently and quickly. Many of our home loans close in 30 days or less.
  • Offer you a variety of home loans to choose from, and help you make an informed decision.
  • Provide you with competitive rates that make sense for your budget and lifestyle.

While no two loan terms are the same, a few of the most common loan types include:

30-Year Loan - This loan is often considered the most secure option to choose. With a 30-year loan, you can lock in a low payment amount and rest easy knowing your rate won't change.

FHA Loan - If you're not able to make a large down payment, an FHA loan could be the right choice for you. With an FHA loan, many of our clients have successfully purchased a home with less than 4% down.

VA Loan - This loan is reserved for military veterans and active-duty men and women. Those who qualify may be able to purchase a home with no down payment and no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).

Choosing a home loan is an important step in the home buying process. At Classic Home Mortgage, we are here to make choosing a loan as easy as possible, so you can focus on the joys of being a homeowner. Contact our team of experts today and ask how you can get pre-qualified for your home loan in Nexton, SC.

Refinancing in
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Because home mortgage rates in the U.S. have been so low over the last year, many current homeowners are opting to refinance their home loans. Simply put, refinancing is replacing your existing mortgage with a different mortgage under new terms. Homeowners who refinance their homes enjoy lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, and even turn their home's equity into cash. If you're interested in refinancing your home, it all begins with a call to your mortgage broker in Nexton, SC - Dan Crance.

Here are just a few reasons why more homeowners in the U.S. are taking advantage of lower rates and refinancing their homes:
 Home Ready Mortgages Nexton, SC
Shorter Term Loan

Shorter Term Loan

Refinancing from a 30-year to a 15-year mortgage might seem counterproductive on the surface because your monthly payment usually goes up. However, interest rates on 15-year mortgages are lower. And when you shave off years of your previous mortgage, you will pay less interest over time. These savings can be very beneficial if you are not taking the mortgage interest deduction on your tax returns.

Do Away with FHA

Do Away with FHA

FHA loans are notorious for paying premiums for the life of the loan. Mortgage insurance premiums for FHA loans can cost borrowers as much as $1,050 a year for every $100k borrowed. The only way to get rid of mortgage insurance premiums is to refinance to a new loan that the Federal Housing Authority does not back.

Switch to Fixed Rate or Adjustable-Rate Home Loan

Switch to Fixed Rate or Adjustable-Rate Home Loan

Sometimes, borrowers with adjustable-rate mortgages refinance so they can switch to a fixed rate, which lets them lock in an interest rate. Doing so is beneficial for some homeowners who like to know exactly how much their monthly payment is each month. Conversely, some homeowners with fixed rates prefer to refinance to an adjustable-rate mortgage. Homeowners often go this route if they plan on selling in a few years and don't mind risking a higher rate if their plans fall through.

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Common Questions About Home Loans

Finding the right loan can be a difficult proposition, even if you have been through the process before. This is especially true since mortgage rates and market conditions change frequently. If you're like most of my clients, you probably have questions about interest rates, refinancing options, and a litany of other topics. To help alleviate some of your stress, here are just a few common questions with answers so that you can better educate yourself as we work our way to securing your loan.

Generally speaking, you should consider refinancing when mortgage rates are 2% lower than the current rate on your home loan. For some homeowners, refinancing makes sense when there is only a 1% difference. Reducing your mortgage rate is a great way to save money or apply your savings to a home upgrade. The money you save on your refinanced loan depends on your loan amount, budget, income, and charges from interest rates. It's crucial that you work with a trusted mortgage loan officer in Nexton, SC, to help calculate your refinancing options.
This is one of our most frequently asked questions at Classic Home Mortgage. In simple terms, points let you make a tradeoff between the upfront costs of your loan and your monthly payment amount. Points are essentially costs that you have to pay to your mortgage lender to get financing under specific terms. A point is defined as a percentage on your loan amount. 1-point is equal to 1% of the loan. So, 1 point on a loan worth $100,000 is equivalent to $1,000. When you pay some of the interest on your home loan upfront, you use discount points to lower your interest rate.
If you plan to live in the property for a few years, it makes a lot of sense to pay points to lower your interest rate. Doing so will help lower your monthly loan payment, which you can use to save money. Paying points may also increase the amount of money that you can borrow. If you do not plan on living in the property for at least a few years, this strategy might not make financial sense because you might not be able to make up the amount of the discount points you paid up-front.
In short, yes, your mortgage lender will need to know your credit score. Credit scoring is a system that creditors use to decide whether they will give you credit. Your credit score helps creditors decide how creditworthy you are or how likely you will repay your loan. In most circumstances, creditors will use your FICO scores during the loan process. Your score will fall between high risk (350) and low risk (850). Your credit score plays a big role in the loan process, and as such, your score must be accurate before submitting a credit report when applying for a loan.
The answer to this question depends on how money you choose to put as a down payment on your home. On a conventional loan, if your down payment is less than 20% of the price of your home, your mortgage broker in Nexton may require you to get Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI for short. This insurance protects your lender in the event you default on your mortgage. The best way to avoid paying for this insurance is to make a down payment of 20% or more of the purchase price of your home.
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Whether you're selling, buying, refinancing, or building the home of your dreams, you have a lot riding on your home loan specialist. When you need a mortgage broker who works tirelessly for you, answers your questions, provides guidance, and does so with a genuine smile, Dan Crance is your mortgage man. Contact Dan today at 843-478-5612 to get pre-approved and discover why Nexton loves Classic Home Mortgage.

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Latest News in Nexton, SC

Nexton community to be featured on HGTV’s ‘Rock the Blck’

Summerville and Berkeley County’s Nexton community is coming to HGTV.Season 3 of the mega-hit home renovation competition show “Rock the Block” will feature Nexton houses built by South Carolina developer Hunter Quinn Homes, according to a Berkeley County press release. The first episode will air Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. on HGTV and Discovery+.The series, hosted by design expert Ty Pennington, showcases four teams that face off in a renovation battle for bragging rights and a street named in their honor, the release ...

Summerville and Berkeley County’s Nexton community is coming to HGTV.

Season 3 of the mega-hit home renovation competition show “Rock the Block” will feature Nexton houses built by South Carolina developer Hunter Quinn Homes, according to a Berkeley County press release. The first episode will air Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. on HGTV and Discovery+.

The series, hosted by design expert Ty Pennington, showcases four teams that face off in a renovation battle for bragging rights and a street named in their honor, the release says. Each team has six weeks and a $225,000 budget to renovate identical properties and transform them into “the ultimate suburban oasis.”

Nexton and Hunter Quinn Homes will host a series of “star-studded” online watch parties for the premiere episode along with an in-person finale party. The party is still in the works, but will feature food trucks, prizes, tours and more, according to the release.

“Rock the Block” is produced by Big Table Productions.

The Nexton community, which just surpassed 2,000 home sales this month, was named the 2021 No. 1 Master-planned community in the country by the National Association of Home Builders, according to a separate news release. To learn more about the community or to keep up with additional information on watch parties and the finale party, visit nexton.com.

While the season airs, viewers can also interact via social media by using the #RocktheBlock hashtag and follow @HGTV stars on their individual Instagram pages.

Go to hunterquinnhomes.com for more information on Hunter Quinn Homes or the houses they’re building in the Summerville and Moncks Corner areas.

I first noticed Artist Sandy Allan’s creative works quite some time ago at the Antiques & Artisans Village at 619 Old Trolley Road in Summerville, and her items are still there to view and buy.

Her works are colorful and useful, ranging from painted mailboxes, napkins, wooden wall hangers, bird feeders, and more. Originally from Graham, North Carolina, she has lived here for 50 years.

Regan: How did you get started making your art creations?

Allan: I moved down here with my ex-husband several years ago. I did not really have a job and did

part-time work. My son suggested I paint little houses. I found a small wooden Charleston house, and I started painting it. I had a friend who had a skill saw, and I started making the rainbow row types of homes or churches. I first went down to the Charleston City Market, and the woman there liked my work and gave me a table. I only worked Sundays there initially. I also did work for Diane at People, Places and Quilts, like some of Summerville’s notable houses and churches. I have about 90 pieces now of the various places I have created. Years ago, Susie Davis had a garden-related store across the street from Diane’s shop, and she suggested I start making birdhouses. It all just kind of snowballed from there.

R: Was this always just a hobby, or was art full-time for you, especially after you retired?

A: More so of a hobby, overall, especially now. I worked my table at Charleston’s City Market (for nearly 40 years). Rita Berry of the Greater Summerville/Dorchester Chamber of Commerce used to have a gift basket company a long time ago. Rita wanted some of my creations in her baskets. I did not need much more work as I had two children, so I stayed very busy.

R: What is your favorite type of item to create? Least?

A: I like making the little Charleston houses the best, which can be placed on the mantel or displayed on the windowsill. I had made houses depict the different seasons of the year. Some could be Christmas ornaments or hung in the windows. My least favorite is switch plates because they take up much space and must be laid out flat. It was cumbersome and a lot of work. I also liked making the mailboxes, but now they cost much more money, especially the metal ones versus the plastic type. They were also time-consuming.

R: Have you ever taken art classes, or are you self-taught? You’ve also done commissioned work?

A: No, I have never taken art classes. We did not have regular art classes at school – we had home economics back then. Years ago, I painted some of the walls at the daycare center where I worked. I knew John McKissick, so I did the wave mural at the McKissick Stadium, but it is no longer there. It went away after the coach left. That was the largest project I had ever painted. People got to know me from that. I have also done little wooden replicas of various schools. I had drawn them, cut them out of wood, and painted them. They were given out to teachers as mementos if they were leaving or retiring from the school.

R: Any good memories from when you had your booth at Charleston’s popular City Market?

A: I had an FBI agent who brought his daughter and wife down there — he saw my little houses. His daughter was 8 years old back then. He returned to revisit me to say hello and get more houses lined up on the wall for her. I keep in touch with some people who have come through there. I’ve met a lot of nice people over the years.

R: What’s next for you?

A: I still work on my artwork every day. I get orders all year long for gifts for their homes.

Visit www.facebook.com/HandPaintedBySandy/ for more information.

Columnist Mary E. Regan is a freelance publicist with her propublicist.com consultancy.

She is always seeking new publicity clients and writing projects. Email Mary@ProPublicist.com with story ideas.

Two Dorchester School District Two arts educators received recognition from the South Carolina Arts Education Association (SCAEA) for excellence in arts education and advocacy.

Alston Middle School’s Natalie Schwieger received the 2023 Middle Level Art Educator of the Year Award, and Fort Dorchester High School’s Stephanie Shank received the 2023 Youth Art Month Award.

Schwieger’s award recognizes her art education advocacy, teaching and program development. Schwieger has taught art for 14 years and has been a member of SCAEA for 13 years. She serves on the District’s Fine Arts Leadership Committee, leads the school’s Fine Arts Steering Committee and established her school’s National Junior Art Honor Society. She has written nine grants to receive approximately $144,000 from the Distinguished Arts Program through the South Carolina Department of Education.

“As an art teacher, my ultimate goal is to inspire my students to express themselves creatively and find their own unique voice through art,” Schwieger said. “I have always believed art is a powerful tool for self-expression and personal growth. My teaching style centers around encouraging my students to explore their own creativity and to take risks in their artmaking.”

Shank’s award recognizes her advocacy for Youth Art Month on the local, state and national levels. She has taught art for 16 years and has been a member of SCAEA for 14 years. Expanding a partnership with the Public Works Art Center that includes a student art exhibition, she organized the Educator as an Artist Exhibition to showcase the talent of regional art educators and promote SCAEA membership. Shank was also recognized for fostering leadership among her colleagues and providing service opportunities, as well as her enthusiasm for the arts that inspires students, staff and the arts education community.

“Youth Art Month is an amazing time of year when we are able to flood our state with student artwork,” Shank said. “Between the Youth Art Month celebration at Public Works Art Center and the DD2 Dream Fest, we had more than 600 student artworks on display in downtown Summerville alone. Following that up with an exhibition that honored our talented regional educators was truly amazing.”

SCAEA is a chapter of the National Art Education Association (NAEA), which advances visual arts education to fulfill human potential and promote global understanding. NAEA is dedicated to providing educators with connectivity, resources, and opportunities to enrich classrooms, enhance careers and inspire creativity.

Terwilliger Pappas Opens Solis Nexton in Summerville, SC

SUMMERVILLE, S.C., July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Terwilliger Pappas, one of the Southeast’s premier multifamily property developers, is nearing completion on Solis Nexton, adding to its roster of 32 complete properties. Under the company’s marquee Solis brand, the newest property features 320 apartment homes in the Nexton neighborh...

SUMMERVILLE, S.C., July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Terwilliger Pappas, one of the Southeast’s premier multifamily property developers, is nearing completion on Solis Nexton, adding to its roster of 32 complete properties. Under the company’s marquee Solis brand, the newest property features 320 apartment homes in the Nexton neighborhood of Summerville. The project team includes Summit Contracting, Group 4 Architecture, Cline Design Associates, Seamon Whiteside and management company, Lincoln Property Company.

Welcoming home its first residents on July 29th, Solis Nexton offers contemporary finishes such as granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, custom kitchen islands with sleek shaker-style cabinetry and modern hardware. Solis Nexton’s extensive amenity list includes a saltwater pool, expansive fitness center and yoga studio, local hot and cold brew coffee on tap, community dog park and pet spa, and a business center brimming with work from home opportunities. The community is located just steps from Nexton Square, placing residents moments from Nexton’s premier attractions such as Hall’s Chophouse, Taco Boy, Poogan’s Porch, and Page’s Okra Grill.

“Solis Nexton will provide our residents the full complement of amenities found in all of our Solis communities while honing in on the signature neighborly spirit of Nexton,” said Tom Barker, Regional CEO of Terwilliger Pappas. “Positioned minutes from top employers, schools, conveniences, entertainment, and walkable to all the perks of Nexton Square, living at Solis Nexton puts residents at the pulse of the Nexton community, and we are excited and honored to be the newest addition to the neighborhood.”

Lincoln Property Company will serve as the management company and has already begun pre-leasing apartment homes at Solis Nexton. Lincoln currently manages 11 active communities in the Charleston area and is thrilled to be working with Terwilliger Pappas and the Nexton team on this project. “We are looking forward to welcoming the first members of the ‘inner circle’ here at Solis Nexton later this July,” said Danielle Lombardi, Business Manager at Solis Nexton. “This community is truly a place to enjoy the brighter moments and we’ve really perfected the resident experience to be one that is second to none in the Summerville submarket.”

To explore the collection of studios, one-, two- and three- bedroom offerings at Solis Nexton- visit: 6000 Front Street | Summerville, SC 29486 or call to schedule your tour today: (854) 300-4913. You may also visit the community online and explore virtual touring options at: www.solisnexton.com.

For more information on Terwilliger Pappas or its 32 properties, please visit www.terwilligerpappas.com.

About Terwilliger Pappas

Founded in 2013 by J. Ronald Terwilliger and Peter A. Pappas, Terwilliger Pappas develops best-in-class multifamily apartment communities in the Southeast’s most appealing submarkets. Terwilliger Pappas communities are identified by their marquee brand, Solis, and reflect the company’s elevated design emphasis resulting in the highest quality communities for residents, investors, and partners. Terwilliger Pappas is based in Charlotte, with regional offices in Raleigh and Atlanta.

About Solis Nexton

Solis Nexton is a vibrant community in the heart of the award winning, master- planned Nexton community. Enjoy our contemporary aesthetic, ideal amenities, and neighborly atmosphere while just steps away from renowned restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. At Solis Nexton, you’ll live a bit brighter. Welcome home.

About Lincoln Property Company

Lincoln Property Company was founded in 1965 by Mack Pogue as a builder and operator of high-quality residential communities. Headquartered in Dallas, Lincoln focuses on real estate investment, construction and development, in addition to property management. In 2019, Lincoln Property Company’s residential division formed a strategic partnership with Cadillac Fairview (CF), a globally focused owner, operator, investor, and developer of best-in-class retail, office, residential, industrial and mixed-use assets. Wholly owned by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, CF manages in excess of $36 billion of assets across the Americas, Asia, and the United Kingdom, with further expansion planned into Europe. Lincoln is currently the second largest multifamily manager in the United States with more than 210,000 units under management. For more information about Lincoln Property Company, please visit www.lincolnapts.com/business-services.

Media Contact:Tom BarkerTerwilliger Pappastbarker@terwilligerpappas.com919-585-5191

MUSC to build hospital in Nexton

The master-planned Nexton community will soon become a medical destination for Berkeley County.Medical University of South Carolina has proposed a $130 million hospital within the Summerville community. The 128-patient bed facility will include four operating rooms, eight labor and delivery rooms, diagnostic testing and imaging, and emergency services, MUSC Health Chief Strategy Officer Sarah Bacik ...

The master-planned Nexton community will soon become a medical destination for Berkeley County.

Medical University of South Carolina has proposed a $130 million hospital within the Summerville community. The 128-patient bed facility will include four operating rooms, eight labor and delivery rooms, diagnostic testing and imaging, and emergency services, MUSC Health Chief Strategy Officer Sarah Bacik said.

“A large percentage of our current patients originate from Berkeley County, and this is going to really allow our patients to have access within our communities,” Bacik said. “It’s not a surprise to anyone that the growth has outpaced some of the infrastructure.”

MUSC has asked the state for approval to build the community hospital through a certificate of need.

The build is expected to take two and a half years.

Nexton’s Vice President of Operations Brent Gibadlo said a hospital offers a service to the surrounding areas and residents because health care options have become a growing priority for homebuyers.

“There are certain basic things that are important for everyone that don’t change,” he said. “Certainly good schools if people have children and then good health care options. So having a world-class hospital in close proximity is always a wonderful compliment to a community."

Downtown Charleston’s MUSC campus will remain the hub for the educational hospital, while the Nexton campus will book end it with satellite campuses and ambulatory services in between, Bacik said.

“We’re full downtown, and we need to make sure that we can continue to have access to those more acute patients,” Bacik said. “It’s really about getting the patients the right level of care at the right place.”

The need for a community hospital in Berkeley County is critical, said Dr. Dave Zaas, CEO of the Charleston division of MUSC. The hospital’s co-location in Nexton will help with the area’s continued growth.

“That is a lot of our strategy not just in tri-county but around the state,” he said. “Not only delivering the highest quality … but more convenient and ideally at a lower cost. I think that drives our ambulatory growth as well as our statewide strategy.”

Gibadlo said Nexton is just starting to explore the possibilities with MUSC and its idea of community health care, of being more proactive and going out into the community to initiate health and wellness programs. Preventative care could then decrease the need for hospital visits.

“We’ve had conversations with MUSC on how to incorporate some of those programs into Nexton,” Gibadlo said. “That’s everything from community gardens to community fitness programs to even potential opportunities for some of the coordination between MUSC and some of the companies at Nexton.”

Other suggestions include incorporating companies’ health care programs through MUSC and creating wellness programs employees can participate in.

Bacik is already excited for both caregivers and patients because she believes the best care is delivered conveniently to patients, many of whom come from across the state.

“A lot of our patients and staff travel to the peninsula today to receive care or to care for our patients … so if they could receive care 30 minutes closer, that’s a benefit for the communities as well,” Bacik said.

Gibadlo is going on 13 years at Nexton and said there is has another 13 or 14 years left in the business plan. He still remembers those early years, though, sitting in a Welcome Center trailer praying that builders and homebuyers would think outside the box.

Convincing people to give Nexton a chance was hard a decade ago given the location.

Over time, Gibadlo has found that if he pushes the envelope to create value, the innovation is well-received.

“I think the potential for Nexton is really evolving continuously. What we used to think was possible we’ve exceeded now. Maybe we can take it another step,” he said. “A hospital was something we only dreamed about 10 years ago. Now that’s happening.”

Nexton now receives calls almost daily from groups, retailers and home builders who want to create something exciting at the community. Gibadlo said the biggest challenge is prioritizing. If he reacts to every call, he risks losing focus of the long-term vision that Nexton is systematically moving through.

“At the same time, you have to be flexible enough that if you get a call, like from MUSC, you change track a little bit because that’s a great opportunity,” he said.

A community with a master plan allowed Gibadlo and his team to be deliberate about adding a hospital. They could look at the map of the 5,000 acres to find a plot that was accessible, wouldn’t disrupt homeowners with traffic and had surrounding space for businesses the hospital could bring in. Gibadlo believes they will come.

As an educational institution, MUSC’s research and development could lead to job opportunities and potential spin-off businesses, he said.

Together, Gibadlo and his team’s vision for Nexton stem from a love for the region. He knows, however, that with any growth, there will inevitably be challenges. The objective then is to figure out how to make those obstacles positive.

“We look at it and say hey, we can create this employment center in the Charleston region, take some of the pressure off downtown, 526, everyone commuting and bring some of the great things that people love about this region from a quality of life and bring them to another location that can spread them out a little bit,” he said. “Maybe we can play a small role in helping this region continue to be a great place to live. At the heart of it, that’s what motivates us every day.”

Nexton: From Timber Forest, to a Thriving Community at the Lowcountry's New Geographic Center

Sep 2020Initially, it was difficult for many people to envision. After all, the map showed only thousands of acres of timber tracts surrounding Summerville, but Dexter Rumsey saw it coming. He knew the tract which would ultimately become Cane Bay Plantation on Hwy 176 was under contract, he understood proximity to Interstate 26 offered access and visibility, and he realized there would be demand for land to develop in the years to come.Now, everyone can see the success of the Nexton community, located between I-26 and Hwy 176. ...

Sep 2020

Initially, it was difficult for many people to envision. After all, the map showed only thousands of acres of timber tracts surrounding Summerville, but Dexter Rumsey saw it coming. He knew the tract which would ultimately become Cane Bay Plantation on Hwy 176 was under contract, he understood proximity to Interstate 26 offered access and visibility, and he realized there would be demand for land to develop in the years to come.

Now, everyone can see the success of the Nexton community, located between I-26 and Hwy 176. Thousands of homes, dozens of businesses, schools and medical facilities — Nexton has indeed become the “next town” its name signifies, with room for future growth. And commercial real estate leader NAI Charleston has been part of it from the beginning, active in the sale of land for neighborhoods, banks, restaurants and other amenities that serve those who live there.

“At first, people didn’t understand it. It was a timber tract with very poor access,” says Rumsey, partner at NAI Charleston, who found the land when searching for large development sites. “There were only service roads accessing the Sheep Island tract, but I knew what the Cane Bay developer was planning and thought, ‘Well if that project is in the works on Hwy 176, then this tract with interstate frontage is a no-brainer.’ The rest is history.”

The result was a $21 million deal with Crescent Resources, who worked with Berkeley County to record a Development Agreement with entitlements for “The Parks of Berkeley” on the Sheep Island tract. MeadWestvaco was the original seller but ultimately purchased the property back from Crescent and commenced with an aggressive campaign of building roads and installing utilities for what would become the Nexton community.

NAI Charleston’s land brokerage continued beyond the original sale to Crescent, later representing WestRock (formerly MeadWestvaco) in parcel sales totaling over $47 million in closed deals at Nexton, with more still in the works. “The land was originally affordable, and you had the infrastructure in place,” says Thomas Boulware, Partner and Broker-in-Charge at NAI Charleston. “Being right off I-26, with 17-A and highways 176 and 78, you had a lot of access. The foresight of Berkeley County to adopt a Development Agreement allowing the necessary infrastructure and zoning expedited the entire process. We were able to create a place and a community for people looking to move into our market.” NAI Charleston facilitated the land sale for Nexton Square on 17-A and for the future Nexton Town Center between Brighton Park Blvd. and Sigma Drive. Today, the Nexton development continues to grow under the ownership of Newland Communities with plans for years to come.

Residential and retail

With the Atlantic Ocean to the east and protected lands to the north and south, such as the Francis Marion National Forest and ACE Basin, the growth of the Charleston area has always been limited. With Mount Pleasant approaching capacity and outer West Ashley’s drainage issues, growth has been funneled in one direction — up the I-26 corridor, toward Summerville and beyond.

“It’s the most logical direction for growth,” continues Rumsey. “In a pure development model, you follow the transportation route, and we only have a semicircle. We have developers asking us all about land for homes and industrial uses from Ridgeville to St. George and I-95, including areas I never thought would have received that attention.”

That growth, fueled by industrial linchpins like Volvo in Ridgeville and DHL in St. George, has helped make Nexton more centralized. With new residents comes a demand for more supporting businesses — like Carolina Ale House, Rainbow Child Care, CPM Federal Credit Union, Cambria Hotel, a self-storage facility, and other businesses that NAI Charleston has helped introduce to the community.

“As residential starts filling in, retail is going to follow,” says Will Sherrod, a veteran broker at NAI Charleston. “You've got large developers that are looking at parcels close to the interstate — not only the Harris Teeter site that has been public knowledge, but there's also another proposed grocery group looking in the same area. There are multiple convenience store groups that are interested in parcels along Nexton Parkway on both sides of the interstate.” NAI Charleston currently represents the owner of approximately ±100-acres planned for mixed-use development along Nexton Parkway/North Maple, south of I-26.

Although much of Nexton’s commercial development has clustered around U.S. 17, Nexton Parkway offers the potential for further expansion. “It's probably going to be smarter and not as congested as North Main Street,” Sherrod says. “I think it will be a welcome shift. You'll see some of these larger retailers potentially explore the Nexton Parkway side. Post-COVID-19, we’ll have to see what big boxes are looking at in terms of expansion, but I think you’ll see continued growth of retail along that side of the interstate.”

Access is key. The Nexton interchange on I-26, which opened in 2018, was in Crescent’s plans from the start. “They worked hand-in-hand with Berkeley County to adopt a development plan that laid out a long-term set of guidelines for commercial, multifamily, and medical hubs within those 4,500 acres,” Rumsey says. The Nexton Parkway interchange on I-26 was on the master plan back in 2006. Ultimately, it came to fruition 12 years later, reducing congestion on Hwy 17-A and providing direct access to entitled land with utilities.

Accessibility and affordability

The owners of Carolina Ale House saw the potential as well. When they decided to expand to Nexton, they wanted a site with parking that could accommodate 150 cars. “They said, ‘This is going to be the hottest restaurant we have in our portfolio of restaurants throughout the Carolinas,’” Rumsey recalls. NAI Charleston brokered the land for $2.1 million and later sold the Starbucks next door and an adjacent ±1-acre parcel to the same owner. This parcel is currently offered for ground lease as a future bank site.

It was a similar situation for First Citizens Bank, which had searched for two years to find the right spot in the area. When they found Nexton, they bought not just the land for their branch, but an entire 12-acre parcel which sits across the street from a proposed Harris Teeter. “We've had a tremendous amount of interest in it,” says David Grubbs, partner at NAI Charleston. “They've been very methodical about the development of the rest of the 12 acres because they want complementary and compatible uses.”

Jim Rozier, late former Berkeley County supervisor, had a vision to create a commercial base to reduce taxes on homeowners, and he was deeply involved in multiple development agreements for the area. The collaboration of the county, the accessibility of the land, and the opportunities yielded from potential land entitlements allowed Nexton to become a reality. The development has come a long way from that initial $21 million land deal, resulting in a vibrant mixed-use community at the center of the Lowcountry.

Contact NAI Charleston at (843) 720-4944 about any of their available properties at Nexton, or visit their website at NAICharleston.com for further information.

Nexton community continues to expand

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The Nexton community in Summerville continues to see new growth right off of I-26 and Highway 17A.Nexton Vice President of Operations Brent Gibadlo says the community can expect to see new restaurants, parks, employments opportunities, offices, and a variety of homes coming in the next few years.“Nexton is already in a really great location, right off of I-26, so it’s very accessible. I think the other thing is a lot of employment here,” Gibadlo said. “So, this isn’t ...

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The Nexton community in Summerville continues to see new growth right off of I-26 and Highway 17A.

Nexton Vice President of Operations Brent Gibadlo says the community can expect to see new restaurants, parks, employments opportunities, offices, and a variety of homes coming in the next few years.

“Nexton is already in a really great location, right off of I-26, so it’s very accessible. I think the other thing is a lot of employment here,” Gibadlo said. “So, this isn’t really just about homes, it’s a lot about businesses. So, it’s this idea of integrating where people work and where people live and getting those things more inter-connected.”

The Midtown area of Nexton opened about six months ago and currently has about 100 homes on site, but within the next 10 to 15 years, Gibadlo says they plan to have around 3,000 homes there.

“I think that’s the biggest thing that we’re trying to do at Midtown Nexton is offer housing options across the board,” Gibadlo. “So whether you’re a young person looking to buy your first home or you’re an empty nester looking to downsize, and everything in between.”

Gibadlo says the Midtown space will have apartments, townhomes, and individual houses. They also just broke ground on the Midtown Club which will have a resort pool, lap pools, exercise facilities, and other amenities.

Downtown Nexton is expected to break ground later this year. It will be separate from the existing Nexton Square with restaurants, stores, and offices. It will be about 100 acres along Sigma Drive. Gibadlo says it will have hotels and apartments in a more urban and city-like area of the community.

He says he’s excited for Nexton to also become a health and wellness hub for the area. That includes new offices already and the anticipation of a MUSC Community Hospital expected to open in 2022.

Gibadlo also says they realize the growth of this area may not seem beneficial for everyone.

“You know, it’s very fair for folks to have concerns about growth. What we always think about is we want to make sure that there’s far more positives than negatives associated with growth,” Gibadlo said. “So I think first it starts with a good, thoughtful master plan. And that’s one thing that we’re lucky in the case of Nexton. This is a plan that’s been in the works now for over 10 years.”

He adds that Nexton has a master plan for the road networks and stormwater plans that come with the rapid growth here.

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